Rare Vintage Wear Will Be At Refresh PGH’s Winter Shoe Expo 2014!

winter shoe expo

I am happy to announce that Rare Vintage Wear will be vending at Refresh PGH’s Winter Shoe Expo 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA! Come out and support us as I travel across the state to provide Pittsburgh with a plethora of vintage clothing, jerseys, and toys. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

The event takes place on Saturday January 18th from 1 till 7 PM at The Irish Center in Squirrel Hill (6886 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh PA). This will year’s biggest premier showcase of sneakers and clothing in Pittsburgh.

Click here to pick up your tickets to the event for only $15! 

Guests will be allowed to bring in their own sneakers to trade so don’t be shy. Also if you’re in need of a pair of custom kicks check out Refresh PGH!.

Twitter: @refreshPGH

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winter shoe expo