2016 NBA All Star Game Jerseys Revealed

The jerseys feature a KIA AD where Jerry West used to be!

No sleeves, no problem!

Yesterday, the 2016 NBA All Star Game Uniforms were unveiled for both the Eastern & Western Conference. The pair of blue and red jerseys will be worn on the court in Toronto on February 14th. Made by Adidas, each uniform design draws inspiration and pays homage to the original Toronto Huskies jerseys of 1946.

2016 Eastern Conference NBA All Star Jersey Toronto

2016 Eastern Conference NBA All Star Jersey

2016 Western Conference NBA All Star Jersey

2016 Western Conference NBA All Star Jersey

I’m certainly a fan of the simple design, as well as the the classic inspiration. The back of the uniforms feature Toronto’s skyline and many other unique nods to Canada.

Back of Eastern Conference Jersey

Back of Eastern Conference Jersey

Western Conference Shorts

Western Conference Shorts

Interestingly enough, the uniforms will feature a “KIA” patch advertisement on the front. This is the first time the NBA is “testing out” uniform advertising, and yes the jerseys sold at retail will include the Kia ad on the front.

The jerseys feature a KIA AD where Jerry West used to be!

The jerseys feature a KIA AD where Jerry West used to be!

What are your thoughts on the 2016 NBA All Star Game Uniforms? Also, be sure to check out our selection of vintage NBA jerseys for sale here! 

Detroit Red Wings Unveil 2016 Stadium Series Uniforms

2016 Detroit Red Wings Stadium Series Jersey

The Detroit Red Wings will hit the ice on February 27, 2016 wearing a uniform many Wings fans couldn’t have dreamed up in their worst nightmare.

Considering the franchise has been around since 1926, most were expecting a classic design, or at least some sort of hybrid; that is certainly not the case. Check out these futuristic uniforms the Red Wings will be sporting on the ice at Coors Field against the Colorado Avalanche in early 2016.

2016 Red Wings New Out Door Game Uniform

It reminds me more of a college uniform than a Red Wings sweater! Thankfully for jersey traditionalists, this uniform will be worn only once this season (and hopefully thats it!)

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2015-16 NBA Christmas Jerseys Leak, And They Actually Look Good!

2015-16 NBA Christmas uniforms bulls cavaliers celtics


The basketball Gods are on our side; the 2015-16 NBA Christmas day uniforms have leaked 7 months early and they have no sleeves! It’s a sad reality for basketball and jersey fans, however we can all rejoice that this years Christmas day games will be sleeve free.

Shown below are the proposed uniform designs for 26 NBA teams (the NBA hasn’t released its schedule for Christmas Day so many of these uniforms will not see the light of day). You’ll notice the very classy holiday script font across the front along with the use of cream accents instead of white. In my opinion, these uniforms are beautiful. The NBA has finally redeemed itself from 4 years of terrible Christmas Day uniforms. Thanks to Uni-Watch for the images! Take a look below and let us know your favorite uniform design.

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xmas2 2016 nba christmas uniforms thunder timberwolves xmas10 xmas8 xmas9 xmas7 xmas6 xmas5 xmas4 xmas3

Washington Capitals Unveil 2015 Winter Classic Jerseys

Washington Capitals 2015 NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic uniforms

On January 1, 2015 the Washington Capitals will face off against the Chicago Blackhawks at Nationals Park.  This yearly outdoor tradition will be the seventh installment of the NHL Winter Classic.

Today, the Washington Capitals officially unveiled their uniforms for the 2015 Bridgestone Winter Classic. Many believed the team would bring out their original red uniform, however the Caps surprised us and released a completely new design. Inspired by the tradition of hockey in DC, the uniform features a retro inspired look. Check out the photos from the unveiling below:

Washington Capitals 2015 Winter Classic Jersey

Back of the Washington Capitals 2015 Winter Classic hockey jersey

Washington Capitals 2015 NHL Winter Classic Red Jersey Uniform

Check out the uniforms and let us know what you think, tweet @rarevntg with your opinions.

Nets Unveil Brooklyn Dodgers Inspired Uniforms

brooklyn nets dodgers sleeved alternate jersey

A few months back, I reported news of additonal sleeved alternate NBA jerseys set to be released this season.  A rumor of a Brooklyn Dodgers inspired Nets uniform was mentioned in the article. Well the rumor has come true! Check out the uniforms the Brooklyn Nets will sport on March 21st versus the Boston Celtics. The Nets will also wear the Dodgers uni’s during four more “Brooklyn Blue” nights this season.

brooklyn nets dodgers sleeved alternate jersey


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2014 NBA All-Star Jerseys Leak


Apparently Adidas didn’t get the memo reguarding everyones negative feelings about the sleeved Christmas day jerseys. The fun doesn’t stop there! Check out the 2014 NBA All Star Game uniforms for the Eastern and Western Conference. You’ll quickly notice they take inspiration from the host city New Orleans. Jersey fans like myself wish the NBA would stick to classic designs and move away from the sleeved jersey concept.

adidas-2014-nba-all-star-game-jerseys-eastern conference

2014 Eastern Conference NBA All Star Jersey

adidas-2014-nba-all-star-game-jerseys western conference

2014 Western Conference NBA All Star Jersey



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Miami Heat & Brooklyn Nets to Wear Nicknamed Jerseys 1/10

NBA Nickname jerseys nets heat

At least they’re not sleeved jerseys! The Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets will be sporting their respective nicknames on the back of their uniforms on January 10th. This is the first time we’ve seen nicknames in the NBA since the 70’s when Pistol Pete Maravich and Walter “Bells” Bellamy wore them for the Atlanta Hawks.

Check out the uniforms for the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets below. As you can see Lebron James and Deron Williams went for something simple, while Ray Allen chose to resurrect his character Jesus Shuttlesworth from Spike Lee’s “Het Got Game”.

brooklyn nets nicknamed nba jerseys truth d-will Miami Heat Nickname NBA Jerseys king james j. shuttlesworth cole train


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Rangers and Blackhawks Unveil Stadium Series Uniforms

new york rangers new stadium series outdoor jerseys uniforms

With the NHL Stadium Series right around the corner, the New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks recently took the liberty of unveiling their uniforms for the game. Both follow the “Chrome” theme set forth by the NHL and also take inspiration from both club’s previous jerseys. The Rangers borrowed the color scheme from their famous Lady Liberty jerseys while the Blackhawks resurrected their black alternate jerseys from the mid 90’s (with a little chrome splash of course!) Take a look at both teams uniforms and let us know what you think.

Chicago Blackhawks black chrome stadium series jerseys new york rangers stadium series outdoor jerseys new york rangers new stadium series outdoor jerseys uniforms

Check Out This Rebrand The NBA Jersey Project by Dead Dilly!

Rebrand the NBA jerseys reimagine by Dead Dilly

Here’s an awesome combination of sports and fashion; check out the Rebrand The NBA Project by Canadian artst Dead Dilly. A concept, in which Dilly reimagined several NBA jerseys designed by high-end fashion houses and large companies. Tiffany and Co Lakers jerseys, Bape Celtics jerseys, I love it! Check out the entire collection below and head over to behance to let Dead Dilly know how much you love this concept.

los angeles clippers jersey reimagined 1b7d51a5133f41f3216d0a30c86df73c 01b186b673bfd785d92622c84d4510fd 3e9504633fdb1b77bd54452abda49951 6bc32016fd1fba2ed124735c787474be 7b53d5fa629243d9de5c687b002bbe14 7e4a7763ca5668c253c628310041406e 8b28df0820fe1eea758aae3b492dc173 9cf0be13b25bd965a2ca1eb98dfbc893 46af9812f4a3a18a3bb27b3e7a549446 081cfebc7a2ecbd46ec4649a31589ee7 336a6256625ef25524b1da87e23fc6df 50651959a2dac7144fbc77d7cfa08be1 a4a78e62584d5cdf5a9ea2bbf823538b ab72562798873ce132184852c8abed29 c9a708277f1339f2029697c9693d91a3 d25454f1c738b8c8f1a0ee866d8e0150 eae245754612dcc0a06266de67899df5

Ducks & Kings Unveil Outdoor Stadium Series Jerseys

2014 Los angeles kings anaheim ducks outdoor stadium series orange silver jerseys

Finally! Yesterday, the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks unveiled their jerseys for the 2014 NHL Stadium Series outdoor game. Both jerseys are brand new designs, and quite interesting at that. Orange jerseys versus silver jerseys. Thanks to Icethetics for the leak. I think both uniforms look great; however many jersey fans like myself were hoping to see the revival of the Burger King and Wild Wing Alternate jerseys for the game. Check out the rest of the gallery and let us know what you think.

2014 Kings Ducks outdoor stadium series new uniforms 2014 la kings anaheim ducks stadium series uniforms

los angeles kings anaheim ducks orange silver stadium series nhl jerseys

Minor League Hockey Team Will Wear “Gettysburg Address” Jerseys This Year!


Minor League hockey teams have become notorious for wearing ridiculous and obscure uniforms on the ice. Many teams use these publicity stunts to draw media attention others auction off jerseys to raise money for charity. The Bakersfield Condors, well they will be wearing the most unique jerseys I have ever seen.

This Sunday to commemorate the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Condors will be wearing “Gettysburg Adderss” jerseys on the ice. The jerseys are complete with Civil War graphics and feature President Lincoln on the front. CRAZY to say the least. After the game, the jerseys will be auctioned off for charity. Let us know what you think about the Gettysburg Address jerseys.

Bakersfield-Condors-Gettysburg-Address-Jersey-590x633 Bakersfield-Condors-Gettysburg-Jerseys

2014 NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms Unveiled by Nike


Last time I checked, the NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms have always been Red for the AFC and Blue for the NFC. In 2014, we will see a major change in what the teams will be wearing on the field in Honolulu.

Today Nike unveiled the 2014 Pro Bowl Uniforms for both the football conferences and they are… electric! (Pun intended) The AFC will be sporting White & Orange and the NFC Black & Lime Green. Either Nike pulled a page from the Oregon book or somebody must have let Tinker Hatfield in the design room! The Nike Elite 51 Uniforms feature breathable fabrics and otimal venilation.

Take a look at the futuristic Nike Elite 51 Pro Bowl Uniforms and let us know what you think.


2014 AFC Pro Bowl Uniform


2014 NFC Pro Bowl Uniform


San Jose Sharks Update Home and Away Uniforms for 2013-14 NHL Season


The San Jose Sharks just released their new home and away uniforms for the 2013-2014 NHL Season. The team changed jerseys only 6 years ago, however performance issues caused the team to switch up to a more simple and clean look. Although it doesn’t appear much has changed on the jerseys, the Sharks ditched the teal shoulder area and stripe below the logo to lighten the jerseys for the players on the ice. The home and away uniforms look much like their black alternate jerseys now. What do you think of the changes? Tweet @rarevintagewear to let us know!

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