Vintage Jam: Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics ‘Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop’

diamond d stunts blunts and hip hop

Today’s vintage jam comes from Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics “Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop”. The track comes off their 1992 classic album which also shares the same title. This song boils down the basics and represents the fundementals of classic hip hop music. Listen closely, this song is timeless. Enjoy!

diamond d stunts blunts and hip hop

Rare Vintage Jam: Kid Sensation & Ken Griffey Jr ‘The Way I Swing’

kid sensation-way-1

Historically in popular culture, Hip Hop and Sports have always gone hand and hand. Lyrics often include clever references to players and teams, while jerseys and sportswear have always been popular facets of hip hop fashion. At Rare Vintage Wear, we love hip hop and sports so what better way then to share a classic jam that includes the best of both worlds!

Kid Sensation’s ‘The Way I Swing’ is an ode to Seattle Mariners legendary outfielder Ken Griffey Jr and actually features him on the track. ‘The Way I Swing’ comes off the Seattle natives 1992 ablum The Power of Rhyme. Check out the track, and have a look at the great selection of vintage Ken Griffey Jr items in our store! 

vintage 1993 kenner hasbro ken griffey seattle mariners starting lineup toy action figure

Not only can Jr swing, he can catch too!