Check out Packer Shoes “Remember The Alamo Time Capsule”


Many will remember the 1996 NBA All Star Game in San Antonio for the unique and appealing uniforms the East & West squads sported on the court. Often reffered to as the “Chili Pepper Jersey”, the Uniform has been a tough find for jersey fanatics all over the world. Mitchell and Ness retroed Michael Jordan’s teal #23 Eastern Conferenece jersey in limited quantities a couple year back, however no reproduction of the Western Conference Jersey has ever been made, until now!

Packer Shoes has teamed up with Reebok & Mitchell and Ness (Both owned by the Adidas group) to recreate Seattle Supersonic Legend Shawn Kemp’s #40 Western Conference All Star Jersey from the 1996 game. Along with the jersey, Packer Shoes will be releasing a pair of Kemp’s Reebok Kamikaze II Sneakers in the Chilipepper colorway. Also included in the capsule collection are a Mitchell and Ness T-shirt and snapback.

Packer Shoes really did a fantastic job with this collaboration; the capsule package already sold out for $500 each on Packer’s website however they will have an instore release this Friday August 2nd for those who missed out!

Take a look at the rest of the capsule collection and let us know what you think!

a-closer-look-packers-shoes-reebok-remember-the-alamo-time-capsule-01 a-closer-look-packers-shoes-reebok-remember-the-alamo-time-capsule-2 a-closer-look-packers-shoes-reebok-remember-the-alamo-time-capsule-3 REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_BOXSET-12_grande REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_BOXSET-13_compact REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_BOXSET_TEE_compact REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_KAMIKAZE_II-17_compact REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_MN_SNAPBACK-6_compact