Vintage Basketball Jersey Re-Up!

deadstock Houston Rockets Authentic Charles Barkley jersey

If you’ve been following us since our inception in 2012, you’re well aware that Rare Vntg stocks some of the most hard to find jerseys & vintage sportswear clothing in the world!

Unfortunately, the counterfeit jersey market grows larger and larger everyday. However to combat this, we’ve done our best to constantly stock REAL jerseys for our loyal fans and customers.

We appreciate everyones business and will continue to educate customers on the history of vintage jerseys & sportswear. And since summer’s in full swing, we decided to empty our vault and add some more vintage basketball jerseys to our growing inventory.

This new release includes everything from Champion replica jerseys, to Nike swingman jerseys, even some Starter authentic jerseys; you won’t be disappointed! Click here to shop our full selection of vintage basketball jerseys!

Vintage Champion Nike Starter Reebok NBA jerseys for sale

Take Advantage of Rare VNTG Winter Jacket Sale 2015!


Sick of the cold? So are we. To help warm you up, Rare VNTG is having our first annual Winter Jacket Sale! That’s right, you can own some classic vintage jackets from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s at only a fraction of our retail price. Some styles have even been reduced to 50% OFF!! If you’re looking for a jacket that not only keeps you warm but will also turn some heads, Rare VNTG is the place for you!

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How In The World Is Reebok Getting Away With The ‘For Player Use Only’ Pack?

reebok question packer shoes for player use only pack lebron james high school sneakers

With the help of Reebok, Packer Shoes of Teaneck New Jersey has been cooking up several collaborations on classic RBK basketball silhouettes over the past year. Most notably the “Remember the Alamo” Shawn Kemp Kamikaze II & “Practice” Allen Iverson Question sneakers became instant hits.

Sneaker heads like myself definitely appreciate the creativity Packer Shoes & Reebok bring to the table. Their ability to mix classic sneakers and sports has gone over extremely well with consumers.

This October, Packer Shoes and Reebok teamed up once again for another limited edition sneaker release: The “For Player Use Only Pack”. And honestly I have no idea how they got away with this one!

The ‘For Player Use Only Pack’ features two pairs of Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question Sneakers, one in purple & gold and the other in green & gold. The Reebok sneakers are actually dedicated to 2 of Nike’s biggest signature athletes; Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Reebok making shoes for Nike athletes, WTF is going on here?!?!

Packer Shoes and Reebok’s inspiration behind their latest collaboration actually comes from the year of 2003. During the time, Kobe Bryant was dealing with some off the court issues (you all remember what happened in Colorado!) The mamba was dropped by Adidas and was considered a Sneaker “Free Agent” at the time. Several brands, including Reebok sent him Promo Player Exclusive sneakers to wear on the court. The purple and gold Reebok Questions were one of the pairs Kobe wore for the Lakers that season; they even featured Kobe’s number 8 on the back of the sneakers where A.I.’s number 3 went.

Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Reebok Question Sneakers

Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Reebok Question Sneakers

At the same time, Lebron James was often featured in the national spotlight during his Senior Season at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Ohio. Many sneaker companies were doing their best to persuade the high school phenom to sign with them upon graduation including Reebok, Nike, and Adidas. Similar to Kobe, Reebok sent Lebron a pair of player exclusive Question sneakers featuring “L23J” and decked out in the St. Vincent St. Mary’s colorway.

They put them in Lebron's high School locker!

They put them in Lebron’s high School locker!

Neither Lebron James nor Kobe Bryant decided to sign with Reebok in 2003. Flash-forward to the present; Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are on their 11th and 9th Nike signature sneakers respectively. Personally, I love the concept however my question in 2013 is: How the hell are Reebok and Packer Shoes able to release sneakers inspired by Nike signature athletes.

It really makes no sense to me at all. If you’re interested in the sneakers, they release 10/18 on as a package for $300. Check out the pictures of the For Player Use Only pack and let us know what you think; will Nike have something to say about this?

photo 3

Reebok’s clearly not trying to hide anything here!

Desean Jackson Posts and Advertises Counterfeit Eagles Jerseys on Instagram

Knock off black fashion jersey and green Lesean McCoy jersey (look at the bird on the sleeve terrible fake!)

This offseason has been one hell of a summer for the NFL; many players have found themselves in hot water for their poor choices and ridiculous actions.If the Aaron Hernandez murder trial and Colin Kaepernick’s hat controversy weren’t enough, here’s another questionable choice from one of the NFL’s premier wide receivers.

Two weeks ago, the Philadelphia Eagles star receiver posted a couple photos on his instagram @jaccpot10 showing off some Philadelphia Eagles football jerseys. Harmless right? Wrong!

Unfortunately Mr. Jackson failed to check the authenticity of the jerseys he posted because both pictures depict counterfeit Desean Jackson and LeSean McCoy Philadelphia Eagles jerseys. The captions on the jerseys read:

“Full of #10>>grab that ASAP!” and “Go grab them thAngs! They hot! Training camp ready!

Knock off black fashion jersey and green Lesean McCoy jersey (look at the bird on the sleeve terrible fake!)

Knock off black fashion jersey and green Lesean McCoy jersey (look at the bird on the sleeve terrible fake!)

Look at the name on the black jersey, FAKE! Silver jersey? Don't think the Eagles wear that and a fake woman's jersey too

Look at the name on the black jersey, FAKE! Silver jersey? Don’t think the Eagles wear them… and a fake woman’s jersey to top it off! 

Not only did Deasean post fake jerseys, but he is also advertising his fans go out and buy them; most certainly a fashion “faux-pas”! Were not sure whether or not Deasean knows the jerseys are counterfeit or where he got them. Jaccpot definitely has the money to buy authentic merchandise, hopefully in the future he learns from this mistake!

Counterfeit jerseys are a huge problem and they need to be terminated from the marketplace. Rare Vintage Wear only supports authentic merchandise, quit faking the funk!

Check out Packer Shoes “Remember The Alamo Time Capsule”


Many will remember the 1996 NBA All Star Game in San Antonio for the unique and appealing uniforms the East & West squads sported on the court. Often reffered to as the “Chili Pepper Jersey”, the Uniform has been a tough find for jersey fanatics all over the world. Mitchell and Ness retroed Michael Jordan’s teal #23 Eastern Conferenece jersey in limited quantities a couple year back, however no reproduction of the Western Conference Jersey has ever been made, until now!

Packer Shoes has teamed up with Reebok & Mitchell and Ness (Both owned by the Adidas group) to recreate Seattle Supersonic Legend Shawn Kemp’s #40 Western Conference All Star Jersey from the 1996 game. Along with the jersey, Packer Shoes will be releasing a pair of Kemp’s Reebok Kamikaze II Sneakers in the Chilipepper colorway. Also included in the capsule collection are a Mitchell and Ness T-shirt and snapback.

Packer Shoes really did a fantastic job with this collaboration; the capsule package already sold out for $500 each on Packer’s website however they will have an instore release this Friday August 2nd for those who missed out!

Take a look at the rest of the capsule collection and let us know what you think!

a-closer-look-packers-shoes-reebok-remember-the-alamo-time-capsule-01 a-closer-look-packers-shoes-reebok-remember-the-alamo-time-capsule-2 a-closer-look-packers-shoes-reebok-remember-the-alamo-time-capsule-3 REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_BOXSET-12_grande REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_BOXSET-13_compact REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_BOXSET_TEE_compact REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_KAMIKAZE_II-17_compact REMEMBER_THE_ALAMO_MN_SNAPBACK-6_compact