Vintage Basketball Jersey Re-Up!

deadstock Houston Rockets Authentic Charles Barkley jersey

If you’ve been following us since our inception in 2012, you’re well aware that Rare Vntg stocks some of the most hard to find jerseys & vintage sportswear clothing in the world!

Unfortunately, the counterfeit jersey market grows larger and larger everyday. However to combat this, we’ve done our best to constantly stock REAL jerseys for our loyal fans and customers.

We appreciate everyones business and will continue to educate customers on the history of vintage jerseys & sportswear. And since summer’s in full swing, we decided to empty our vault and add some more vintage basketball jerseys to our growing inventory.

This new release includes everything from Champion replica jerseys, to Nike swingman jerseys, even some Starter authentic jerseys; you won’t be disappointed! Click here to shop our full selection of vintage basketball jerseys!

Vintage Champion Nike Starter Reebok NBA jerseys for sale

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Sick of the cold? So are we. To help warm you up, Rare VNTG is having our first annual Winter Jacket Sale! That’s right, you can own some classic vintage jackets from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s at only a fraction of our retail price. Some styles have even been reduced to 50% OFF!! If you’re looking for a jacket that not only keeps you warm but will also turn some heads, Rare VNTG is the place for you!

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Supreme x Nike AF1 High Releasing Fall/Winter 2014?

Nike x Supreme Air Force One AF1 High fall winter 2014

Are Supreme and Nike are back at it again?

Today marks the first drop of the Supreme New York Fall/Winter 2014 season and pictures have already surfaced depicting a Supreme x Nike AF1 high in black and white. The sneakers are decked out with “World Famous” and “94” on the back heel tab (1994 was the year Supreme first opened). After the chaos of last years Supreme x Nike Foamposite one, I can see hype beasts grabbing their chairs and tents now!

Nike x Supreme Air Force One AF1 High fall winter 2014


Do you think the photos are legit? With these two street wear giants collaborate on yet another sneaker? Only time will tell! Thanks to @korange_market for the photos.


Nike Celebrates MJ’s 1st Title With Air Jordan 6 “Championship Cigar”


It’s hard to believe Michael Jordan won his first NBA Title about 25 years ago. MJ laced up his trusty Air Jordan 6’s and defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in only 5 games. This would serve as the cornerstone in a run of three straight championships for Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

This summer, Nike will honor Jordan’s first NBA Championship with the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Championship Cigar” edition. It is common knowledge that MJ would spark up a choice cigar after each and every NBA Championship win. The sneakers are made to look like a cigar, decked out in premium leather and even feature a replica championship ring. A must have for fans of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. They are set to drop this summer, stay with us as more release information drops, and thanks to @kicksordie for the photos!


Nike Unveils Gumbo League Collection of 2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers

2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers Kobe lebron durant

With the 2014 NBA All Star Game about two weeks away, Nike took the liberty of unveiling Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant’s kicks for the game in New Orleans.

The “Gumbo League Collection” draws heavy inspiration from New Orleans history. Each sneaker represents a significant part of the cities unique culture. The Lebron 11 “Gator King” pays homage to the Gator, a symbol of royalty power and protection within the city.

Nike Lebron 11 "Gator King" 2014 All Star Sneakers

Nike Lebron 11 “Gator King” 2014 All Star Sneakers

It’s no secret Kobe Bryant is a huge jazz fan; The Kobe 9 Elite “Maestro” edition represents the long history of Jazz music in New Orleans.

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 "Maestro" All Star Edition

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 “Maestro” All Star Edition

Finally, the Zoom KD 6 “Illusion” is a nod to the voodoo and magic culture within New Orleans.

Nike Zoom KD 6 "Illusion" 2014 All Star Game Edition

Nike Zoom KD 6 “Illusion” 2014 All Star Game Edition

The whole pack is set to release on 2/14. Expect it to sell out FAST!

Nike 2014 nba all star game gumbo collection

Air Jordan To Celebrate MJ’s Time With Birmingham Barons


This Spring, Air Jordan is set to celebrate Michael Jordan’s time as a minor league baseball player for the Birmingham Barons with a unique sneaker release. Check out the Air Jordan IX Retro Birmingham Barons edition. Decked out in the old Chicago White Sox affiliate’s colors. The sneaker is set to release this April 5th for $170 at Jordan retailers.


Lebron Retro’s Are on The Way, Don’t Believe Me Just Wait!


Like it or not, Lebron James retro sneakers are on the way! Sure nothings been confirmed yet but I see what our friends over at Nike have up their sleeve.

While on a recent road-trip to play the Knicks and Nets in New York City, Lebron busted out two never-before-seen colorways of his famous signature sneakers. The most interested part being that the kicks were the Nike Zoom Lebron II and III respectively (two sneakers that dropped in 2005 and 2006!)

The King in the Nike Zoom Lebron II Retro

The King in the Nike Zoom Lebron II Retro

James sporting the Nike Zoom Lebron III Retro

James sporting the Nike Zoom Lebron III Retro

Look closely at the sneakers, I mean very closely! You’ll notice Lebron’s new logo “LJ” on the heel of the 3’s and strap of the 2’s. The original model of both sneakers featured Lebron’s “L23″ logo.

Lebron's old logo on the left, new on the right.

Lebron’s old logo on the left, new on the right.

Are these sneakers are just a prelude to the Lebron Retro line? I say yes! With Kobe’s already being retroed, its safe to say we’ll see a Lebron retro in the very near future. The Kings popularity is already at an all time high and the hype surrounding sneakers is as well. Nike would be smart to cash in on the oppurtunity now.

Well wait, didn’t we already see an Air Zoom Generation retro? No, the sneakers below were rumored to release around 2008 but never saw shelves. Older sneakerheads will remember they did hit for a second but were quickly scrapped.

Original Nike Air Zoom Generation Lebron retro

Original Nike Air Zoom Generation Lebron retro

At this point, we’ll have to wait and let Nike make the next move reguarding a Lebron retro sneaker.

Check out Lebron’s 2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers

nike lebron 11 xi lebron james 2014 nba all star game sneakers new orleans

Its about time they leaked! Check out Lebron James 2014 NBA All Star Game edition sneakers. King James will wear these on the court Sunday February 16th in New Orleans. The sneakers take heavy inspiration from Mardi Gras and feature many glow-in-the-dark facets. The insole even reads “Gumbo”;  an excellent tribute to New Orleans.

The sneakers are set to release in mid-February and will most likely sell out instantly; stay with Rare Vintage Wear as more NBA All Star Game Sneakers are released to the public! While you’re here, check out our current selection of vintage NBA Jerseys & collectibles! 


Air Jordan III Retro Katrina To Release March 8th

air jordan iii retro katrina release date

Back in 2006, Jordan Brand held a charity auction to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. One of the sneakers auctioned off was a pair of White/Cement Jordan III’s with a Red midsole. Sneakerheads quickly began reffering to the kicks as the “Katrina 3’s”.

The buzz surrounding the sneakers has grown rapidly since 2006. The only pair I have seen myself is at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. Many sneakerheads have been waiting for the coveteted kicks to see store shelves. Luckily, 2014 is the year! The Air Jordan III Retro Katrina edition will release March 14th, 2014 for $170. I expect these to be extremely limited so call your connect now! Pick up a Chicago Bulls jersey to match as well. 

air jordan 3 retro hurricane katrina air jordan 3 iii retro white cement red katrina

Check out Kevin Durant’s Floral Nike Zoom KD 6 “Aunt Pearl” Edition

nike zoom kd 6 vi aunt pearl floral

Did the Supreme Power, Corruption, Lies collection transfer over to a pair of Kevin Durant’s sneakers? It appears that way! Check out the Aunt Pearl edition of Durant’s latest Nike sneakers. Decked out in pink, blue and floral, these sneakers are set to release sometime in the spring. A cool pair of sneakers made for a good cause. Check em out and let us know what you think!

kevin durant floral sneakers

nike zoom durant aunt pearl floral nike zoom kd vi floral

Nike Celebrates Kobe Bryant’s Sneaker History With ‘Prelude Pack’


With 5 NBA Championship rings to his name, Kobe Bryant will go down in history as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The Philadelphia native has come a long way since being drafted and traded by the Charlotte Hornets to Los Angeles for Vlade Divac. After Countless MVP’s, All Star Game selections, and timeless moments, Nike will honor the Black Mamba with the “Predlude Pack”. The pack will include a retro model of every single Nike Zoom Kobe sneaker from 1-8. Through art, the special pack honors the history of Nike’s Kobe Bryant line. Starting 12/7, Nike will release one sneaker each weekend from the pack in order from Kobe 1 to Kobe 8. Each sneaker will retail for $200, and we expect it to be EXTREMELY LIMITED! Check out the entire Prelude Pack Below! My favorite is the Kobe 4.


Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 2 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 3 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 7 Prelude Pack


Nike Zoom Kobe 8 Prelude Pack


Happy Holidays! Check Out The Nike Lebron XI Christmas Edition

Nike-Lebron-XI-Christmas edition release date

December has begun, and Christmas is right around the corner! We already showed you the hideous Christmas uniforms several NBA teams will be wearing this season, now check out the sneakers “The King” will be wearing on the court this year.



Very simple, Nike has done an excellent job with this sneaker! The hints of christmas tree throughout the sneaker really make them pop. We expect these to release sometime before the holiday, what are your thoughts on Lebron James 2013 Christmas day sneakers?

It’s November; Where Is The Nike Zoom Kobe XI?

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 Wear Test Sample

It’s almost the end of November, and Nike has been reluctant to release any information reguarding the Zoom Kobe XI. The Mamba has been sidelined all year after suffering an injury at the end of last season. Although we have yet to see Kobe on the court, Nike has yet to leak any official images of Kobe’s ninth signature sneaker. That’s where we come in; We dug up some photos of the Zoom Kobe 9 Wear test sample and some other images of speculated designs for the sneakers.

Nike Zoom Kobe XI 9 mid wear test sample release date

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 Wear Test Sample

Possible Low Top version of the Zoom Kobe 9

Possible Low Top version of the Zoom Kobe 9

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 Display

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 Display

As always, we’ll keep you updated on release information in the future.



Is Kanye West Ditching Nike for Another Brand? Does This Mean No More Red Octobers!

Send em back to Nike!

Has the marriage between Kanye West and Nike finally come to an end? Does this signify an end to the popular Nike Air Yeezy sneaker line? Rumors are swirling stating the realationship between the two parties has ended.

During a recent concert in Philadelphia, Kanye went on a serious rant against Nike and other “millionaires”. It should also be noted; Kanye has not worn the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” edition for his past three shows. Here’s some video footage from the concert.

Also during his time in Philadelphia, a local radio station, Wired 96.5, interviewed Kanye. During the interview, Mr. West hinted at the fact he “signed a deal with a major company” and has something in the works. Check out the interview; around the 1:30 mark.

Rumors on Niketalk speculate Kanye is ditching the Swoosh for the Three stripes. After watching the interview, its apparent Kanye wants to focus on creating a larger, more available line of sneakers and clothing for consumers. It makes sense he would leave Nike and go on to another brand like Adidas. Maybe this is why we have yet to see the Nike Air Yeezy II Red Octobers release publically. Remember, many thought they would drop in June and then again in October. Decemeber is right around the corner and still no word on the “Red Octobers”. I think it may be safe to say they’re never dropping! For Kanye fans, the consolation prize may be a pair of Adidas Yeezy sneakers instead.

Send em back to Nike!

Send em back to Nike!