Choo Jackson “Yesterday” Music Video

Choo Jackson sporting his custom vintage A Bathing Ape Shirt from Rare Vntg

Just a couple months after the release of his sophomore project “Broken Hearts Make Money” Most Dope’s Choo Jackson debuts the video for the lead track “Yesterday”. The video was directed by Bradley Atom & Brennan Peirson. Check out the video below and pick up BHMM if you haven’t done so yet!

Check Out THA RIVA’s New Music Video “Bread Winner”

Tha Riva Bread Winner Music Video

“Philadelphia Born and Raised” A classic line from Will Smith’s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Philly rapper Nile Overton aka THA RIVA keeps things flowing in his latest music video for his single “Bread Winner”. Nile, a multi-talented artist, co-direceted the Brennan Peirson produced video that features several pieces from Rare VNTG.

Currently a college student living in Pittsburgh, THA RIVA has been working hard crafting his skills and putting together some quality hip hop music. At only 21, were excited to hear what Nile’s cooking up for 2015! Check out the video below and share it with your friends!

Bread Winner by THA RIVA

Tha Riva Bread Winner Music Video

Rare Vintage Wear Featured In Choo Jackson’s “Marbles” Video

Choo Jackson Marbles produced by larry fisherman raiders starter jacket rare vintage wear

Rare Vintage Wear represents the crossroads between sports, hip hop, and fashion. It’s a beautiful thing when you can blend all three together. Check Choo Jackson’s latest music video for his track “Marbles”. The song was produced by Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller); Choo is a member of Mac’s Most Dope Record label. Make sure you look closely as Rare Vintage Wear makes a cameo in the video; check the vintage Los Angeles Raiders jacket supplied exclusively for the video.

Choo Jackson is a humble dude and I wish him nothing but the best! I highly suggest you check out the rest of his music. Also shout out to my friend Brennan Peirson from Elephant Elephant for filming and directing the video.