Why Are More NBA Teams Adopting Sleeved Jerseys in 2013-14? The Sleeve Conspiracy


Last season, the Golden State Warriors were the first NBA team to sport the Adidas Revolution 30 sleeved jerseys on the court. Although they only made a few appearances in the uniforms, the Warriors were one of the first NBA teams to wear sleeves on their jerseys since the inception of basketball.

Personally, I found the uniforms to be horrendous and hoped we wouldn’t have to see anything like it on an NBA court ever again. Boy was I wrong!

In 2013-14, at least three more teams will be ditching the traditional tank top jersey. The Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers have all reported they will be wearing the sleeved alternate jerseys this season. The Warriors are also adding a white-sleeved jersey to their uniform arsenal.

los-angeles-clippers-blue-sleeves-jerseys-570x308 New-Warriors-Sleeved-Alt

I got to thinking, could this all be a conspiracy? We have heard rumors about the Miami Heat & Brooklyn Nets wearing their nicknames on jerseys this season, which is all-fine by me but why would more teams be breaking tradition and adding sleeves to their jerseys? The main reason: MORE ADVERTISEMENT SPACE!!

That’s right; More ad space! David Stern will be stepping down as NBA Commissioner this February and has already entertained the idea of placing sponsorship advertisements on player uniforms similar to European Soccer. After Stern steps down on February 1st, 2014, rumors are circulating new Commissioner Adam Silver likes the idea of having advertisements on player uniforms. Two more sleeves on the jersey equal two more prime spots to place advertisements on!


Jersey aficionados hate the idea of advertisements being plastered on uniforms and I don’t blame them! The combination of sleeved jerseys and advertisements could usher in the historic downfall of NBA Uniform popularity and possible interfere with jersey sales. The NBA might want to rethink this one.

Chris Paul Breaks Out Mysterious Purple Air Jordan 4′s

Chris Pauls Purple Air Jordan 4

Los Angeles Clipper Chris Paul is known for breaking ankles on the hardwood. Additionally, he has gained a strong reputation for breaking necks off the court with his sneakers. Last night, CP3 debuted a pair of previously unseen Air Jordan 4 Retro’s in all purple and black. Rare Vintage Wear is dubbing these purple suede kicks as the “purple haze” Jordan 4’s. Take a look and stay with us for any updates regarding release availability.

Chris Pauls Purple Air Jordan 4