Rare Vintage Wear Spotted At GQ 2014 NBA All Star Weekend Party

Frank Knuckles with Lebron James in a Rare VNTG x Starter Snapback

With all the vintage NBA jerseys we have in stock, it was only destiny that Rare Vintage Wear would make an appearance at the 2014 NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans. And no I wasn’t called in by Adidas at the last minute to redesign the awful sleeved uniforms!

The Roots performed alongside Rick Ross and Lebron James at the GQ NBA All Start Weekend Party on Saturday night. Check out Frank Knuckles from The Legendary Roots crew sporting one of our exclusive Rare VNTG x Starter snapbacks in gold next to Lebron James.

Frank Knuckles with Lebron James in a Rare VNTG x Starter Snapback

Frank Knuckles with Lebron James in a Rare VNTG x Starter Snapback

Here’s another shot of Frank and The Roots on the Red Carpet:

The Roots at GQ NBA All Star Weekend 2014 Party Frank Knuckles in Rare Vintage Wear  Starter snapback

Frank performing on stage alongside Black Thought wearing a Legendary Project Snapback Hat. The Legendary Project is a movement and brand collaboration between Rare Vintage Wear, Philly Hats and Creative Player$.

The Roots Legendary Snapback Frank Knuckles black thought rare vintage wear

A special thanks goes out to Frank Knuckles and the entire Roots crew for supporting Rare Vintage Wear and The Legendary Project! Be sure to stay on the lookout for more exclusive products dropping and more from The Legendary Project.


Nike Unveils Gumbo League Collection of 2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers

2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers Kobe lebron durant

With the 2014 NBA All Star Game about two weeks away, Nike took the liberty of unveiling Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant’s kicks for the game in New Orleans.

The “Gumbo League Collection” draws heavy inspiration from New Orleans history. Each sneaker represents a significant part of the cities unique culture. The Lebron 11 “Gator King” pays homage to the Gator, a symbol of royalty power and protection within the city.

Nike Lebron 11 "Gator King" 2014 All Star Sneakers

Nike Lebron 11 “Gator King” 2014 All Star Sneakers

It’s no secret Kobe Bryant is a huge jazz fan; The Kobe 9 Elite “Maestro” edition represents the long history of Jazz music in New Orleans.

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 "Maestro" All Star Edition

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 “Maestro” All Star Edition

Finally, the Zoom KD 6 “Illusion” is a nod to the voodoo and magic culture within New Orleans.

Nike Zoom KD 6 "Illusion" 2014 All Star Game Edition

Nike Zoom KD 6 “Illusion” 2014 All Star Game Edition

The whole pack is set to release on 2/14. Expect it to sell out FAST!

Nike 2014 nba all star game gumbo collection

Check out Lebron’s 2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers

nike lebron 11 xi lebron james 2014 nba all star game sneakers new orleans

Its about time they leaked! Check out Lebron James 2014 NBA All Star Game edition sneakers. King James will wear these on the court Sunday February 16th in New Orleans. The sneakers take heavy inspiration from Mardi Gras and feature many glow-in-the-dark facets. The insole even reads “Gumbo”;  an excellent tribute to New Orleans.

The sneakers are set to release in mid-February and will most likely sell out instantly; stay with Rare Vintage Wear as more NBA All Star Game Sneakers are released to the public! While you’re here, check out our current selection of vintage NBA Jerseys & collectibles! 


How In The World Is Reebok Getting Away With The ‘For Player Use Only’ Pack?

reebok question packer shoes for player use only pack lebron james high school sneakers

With the help of Reebok, Packer Shoes of Teaneck New Jersey has been cooking up several collaborations on classic RBK basketball silhouettes over the past year. Most notably the “Remember the Alamo” Shawn Kemp Kamikaze II & “Practice” Allen Iverson Question sneakers became instant hits.

Sneaker heads like myself definitely appreciate the creativity Packer Shoes & Reebok bring to the table. Their ability to mix classic sneakers and sports has gone over extremely well with consumers.

This October, Packer Shoes and Reebok teamed up once again for another limited edition sneaker release: The “For Player Use Only Pack”. And honestly I have no idea how they got away with this one!

The ‘For Player Use Only Pack’ features two pairs of Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question Sneakers, one in purple & gold and the other in green & gold. The Reebok sneakers are actually dedicated to 2 of Nike’s biggest signature athletes; Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Reebok making shoes for Nike athletes, WTF is going on here?!?!

Packer Shoes and Reebok’s inspiration behind their latest collaboration actually comes from the year of 2003. During the time, Kobe Bryant was dealing with some off the court issues (you all remember what happened in Colorado!) The mamba was dropped by Adidas and was considered a Sneaker “Free Agent” at the time. Several brands, including Reebok sent him Promo Player Exclusive sneakers to wear on the court. The purple and gold Reebok Questions were one of the pairs Kobe wore for the Lakers that season; they even featured Kobe’s number 8 on the back of the sneakers where A.I.’s number 3 went.

Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Reebok Question Sneakers

Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Reebok Question Sneakers

At the same time, Lebron James was often featured in the national spotlight during his Senior Season at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Ohio. Many sneaker companies were doing their best to persuade the high school phenom to sign with them upon graduation including Reebok, Nike, and Adidas. Similar to Kobe, Reebok sent Lebron a pair of player exclusive Question sneakers featuring “L23J” and decked out in the St. Vincent St. Mary’s colorway.

They put them in Lebron's high School locker!

They put them in Lebron’s high School locker!

Neither Lebron James nor Kobe Bryant decided to sign with Reebok in 2003. Flash-forward to the present; Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are on their 11th and 9th Nike signature sneakers respectively. Personally, I love the concept however my question in 2013 is: How the hell are Reebok and Packer Shoes able to release sneakers inspired by Nike signature athletes.

It really makes no sense to me at all. If you’re interested in the sneakers, they release 10/18 on packershoes.com as a package for $300. Check out the pictures of the For Player Use Only pack and let us know what you think; will Nike have something to say about this?

photo 3

Reebok’s clearly not trying to hide anything here!

Miami Heat Add Two More Alternate Jerseys To Their Uniform Arsenal

2014 Miami Heat new alternate uniforms throwback all red

Lebron James has always enjoyed having a plethora of uniform combinations to choose from. In Cleveland, he brought back just about every Cavaliers throwback jersey in history. Not only did it help with jersey sales, the frequent jersey switches allowed Nike to add several additional colorways to popular Lebron James sneakers.

Now in Miami, King James still likes to switch up jerseys on a nightly basis. The Miami Heat wore 8 different jerseys last season; in 2013-2014 they’ll have 2 more jeresys in their uniform arsenal. Lebron and D-Wade showed off the Heat jerseys on instagram. One is an all red jersey similar to the Christmas uniform from last season, the other is a black jersey modeled off the uniforms the Heat wore during the early 90’s. Check out the jerseys and let us know what you think!

2014 Miami Heat new alternate uniforms throwback all red

Lebron James Hints At Nike Air Zoom Generation Retro

Nike air zoom generation lebron james retro sneakers

Two-time NBA Champion Lebron James is enjoying his offseason. Coming off his fourth MVP, the King wants to repeat in his 11th NBA season. 2003 marked LBJ’s first season in Cleveland, during that year Lebron sported the Nike Air Zoom Generation on the court.

There were rumors the sneaker would retro a few years ago in a gold/white colorway but they were scrapped. Today King James posted a picture of himself on social media wearing a pair of Nike Air Zoom Generation sneakers in the “first game” red/white colorway.

Lebron added the caption “My kicks for today, retro time people? #zoomgeneration #10yearanniversary #sickkickgame”

Do you think Lebron is letting the cat out of the bag and informing us the Air Zoom Generation will be returning? Only time will tell.

Nike air zoom generation lebron james retro sneakers

Check out Lebron James Newest Nike; The Lebron XI “Armory Slate”


After winning his second straight championship, Lebron James is ready to lace up a new pair of Nike sneakers next season for the Miami Heat. The extremely popular Lebron 10 will be succeeded by the Lebron 11. Bron Bron’s next sneaker appears to be modeled after the Batmobile; the first colorway to surface is called the “Armory Slate” edition. Check out the first pictures leaked of the sneaker thanks to Marquee Sole! Stay with Rare Vintage Wear for any updates in release info and price.

nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-02-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-03-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-04-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-05-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-06-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-07-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-08-570x427 nike-lebron-xi-lbj11-armory-slate-preview-09-570x427

Lebron Wins his 2nd Title, Celebrate with the Nike Lebron X Championship Pack!


Last night, Lebron James helped the Miami Heat capture their 2nd straight NBA Championship by defeating the San Antonio Spurs in 7 games. In the process of avenging his loss to the Spurs in the 07 finals, Lebron also captured his second straight finals MVP award.

Nike wasted no time in putting together an extremely limited package of sneakers and hats to honor King James latest achievements. The package will include the pair of Red/Black/Gold Nike X PS Elite sneakers Lebron wore during game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals as well as the Lebron X low (with a glow in the dark sole!) two hats, and a witness t shirt.

The t shirt is available for preorder through NIke’s website right now; we assume the package will release in extremely limited quantities sometime in the future, sell out instantly and resell for $5000+!!

Check out the package and let us know what you think!

Bron 10 Elite Red Gold nike-lebron-x-championship-pack-02 nike-lebron-x-championship-pack-03 nike-lebron-x-championship-pack-05 nike-lebron-x-championship-pack-07