2015-16 NBA Christmas Jerseys Leak, And They Actually Look Good!

2015-16 NBA Christmas uniforms bulls cavaliers celtics


The basketball Gods are on our side; the 2015-16 NBA Christmas day uniforms have leaked 7 months early and they have no sleeves! It’s a sad reality for basketball and jersey fans, however we can all rejoice that this years Christmas day games will be sleeve free.

Shown below are the proposed uniform designs for 26 NBA teams (the NBA hasn’t released its schedule for Christmas Day so many of these uniforms will not see the light of day). You’ll notice the very classy holiday script font across the front along with the use of cream accents instead of white. In my opinion, these uniforms are beautiful. The NBA has finally redeemed itself from 4 years of terrible Christmas Day uniforms. Thanks to Uni-Watch for the images! Take a look below and let us know your favorite uniform design.

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xmas2 2016 nba christmas uniforms thunder timberwolves xmas10 xmas8 xmas9 xmas7 xmas6 xmas5 xmas4 xmas3

Check Out This Rebrand The NBA Jersey Project by Dead Dilly!

Rebrand the NBA jerseys reimagine by Dead Dilly

Here’s an awesome combination of sports and fashion; check out the Rebrand The NBA Project by Canadian artst Dead Dilly. A concept, in which Dilly reimagined several NBA jerseys designed by high-end fashion houses and large companies. Tiffany and Co Lakers jerseys, Bape Celtics jerseys, I love it! Check out the entire collection below and head over to behance to let Dead Dilly know how much you love this concept.

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Say It Ain’t So! More Sleeved NBA Basketball Jerseys Leak

2013-2014 NBA Noche Latina Latin Nights sleeved NBA basketball jerseys, heat, lakers, suns, bulls, spurs, knicks

The year of the sleeved jerseys isn’t coming to an end any time soon. In fact, the list of teams adopting sleeved jerseys just keeps getting longer. Today, thanks to Chris Creamer we have leaked images of 10 new sleeved jerseys. Like em or not, they’re not going away!

2013-2014 NBA Noche Latina Latin Nights sleeved NBA basketball jerseys, heat, lakers, suns, bulls, spurs, knicks

2013-2014 Latin Nights Sleeved NBA Jerseys

The first set of jerseys continue the Latin Nights tradition started by the NBA several years ago. The Bulls, Spurs, Knicks, Heat, Lakers, and Suns will all sport Latin jerseys again this season. The only changes, sleeves and some sort of pattern on the back.

Minnestoa Timberwolves & Brooklyn Nets "Dodgers Tribute" Alternate Jerseys

Minnestoa Timberwolves & Brooklyn Nets “Dodgers Tribute” Alternate Jerseys

The next set of sleeved jerseys appear to be new alternates for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Brooklyn Nets. The only addition to the T-Wolves jersey are the sleeves. I actually dig the inspiration behind the Nets alternate jersey. Blue and grey tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, very cool!

2014 Bulls & Celtics St. Patrick's Day sleeved jerseys

2014 Bulls & Celtics St. Patrick’s Day sleeved jerseys

Finally, the NBA has decided to add sleeves to the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls traditional St. Patrick’s day jerseys. Not bad, but I could do without the sleeves!

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