Nike Unveils Gumbo League Collection of 2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers

2014 NBA All Star Game Sneakers Kobe lebron durant

With the 2014 NBA All Star Game about two weeks away, Nike took the liberty of unveiling Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant’s kicks for the game in New Orleans.

The “Gumbo League Collection” draws heavy inspiration from New Orleans history. Each sneaker represents a significant part of the cities unique culture. The Lebron 11 “Gator King” pays homage to the Gator, a symbol of royalty power and protection within the city.

Nike Lebron 11 "Gator King" 2014 All Star Sneakers

Nike Lebron 11 “Gator King” 2014 All Star Sneakers

It’s no secret Kobe Bryant is a huge jazz fan; The Kobe 9 Elite “Maestro” edition represents the long history of Jazz music in New Orleans.

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 "Maestro" All Star Edition

Nike Zoom Kobe 9 “Maestro” All Star Edition

Finally, the Zoom KD 6 “Illusion” is a nod to the voodoo and magic culture within New Orleans.

Nike Zoom KD 6 "Illusion" 2014 All Star Game Edition

Nike Zoom KD 6 “Illusion” 2014 All Star Game Edition

The whole pack is set to release on 2/14. Expect it to sell out FAST!

Nike 2014 nba all star game gumbo collection

Check out Kevin Durant’s Floral Nike Zoom KD 6 “Aunt Pearl” Edition

nike zoom kd 6 vi aunt pearl floral

Did the Supreme Power, Corruption, Lies collection transfer over to a pair of Kevin Durant’s sneakers? It appears that way! Check out the Aunt Pearl edition of Durant’s latest Nike sneakers. Decked out in pink, blue and floral, these sneakers are set to release sometime in the spring. A cool pair of sneakers made for a good cause. Check em out and let us know what you think!

kevin durant floral sneakers

nike zoom durant aunt pearl floral nike zoom kd vi floral

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Nike Zoom KD Durant 6 “Peanut Better & Jelly” Edition


One of the greatest memories most of us have from our childhoods revolve around eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The popular staple of the lunch box is making its way onto a pair of Nike sneakers this fall. Kevin Durant’s ZOOM KD VI will feature a “Peanut butter & Jelly ” colorway as a tribute to KD’s favorite childhood sandwich.

These sneakers are pure butter, stay with us to find out release information in the future!