Quack Quack! Vintage 90’s Anaheim Mighty Ducks Jerseys Are Back!

Vintage 90's Anaheim Mighty Ducks jerseys for sale

If you grew up in the 90’s, I can almost guarantee you’ve watched Disney’s Mighty Ducks, D2 and even D3! It was most certainly an iconic movie from everyones childhood. Who can forget the lovable characters, exciting plot lines and oh yeah, most importantly the jerseys!

Rare Vntg is happy to announce we’ve just stocked our online store with some DEADSTOCK (that means brand spanking new) original 90’s Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL hockey jerseys. The jerseys are all original and made by CCM.

We’ve got plain blank jerseys without any player name or number for only $150! Click here to shop

If you’re looking for classic Mighty Ducks players like Paul Kariya click here or Teemu Selanne click here!

As always, thanks for visiting Rare Vntg and shopping with us too

Craig Mack Mighty Ducks jersey with Biggie

Vintage Basketball Jersey Re-Up!

deadstock Houston Rockets Authentic Charles Barkley jersey

If you’ve been following us since our inception in 2012, you’re well aware that Rare Vntg stocks some of the most hard to find jerseys & vintage sportswear clothing in the world!

Unfortunately, the counterfeit jersey market grows larger and larger everyday. However to combat this, we’ve done our best to constantly stock REAL jerseys for our loyal fans and customers.

We appreciate everyones business and will continue to educate customers on the history of vintage jerseys & sportswear. And since summer’s in full swing, we decided to empty our vault and add some more vintage basketball jerseys to our growing inventory.

This new release includes everything from Champion replica jerseys, to Nike swingman jerseys, even some Starter authentic jerseys; you won’t be disappointed! Click here to shop our full selection of vintage basketball jerseys!

Vintage Champion Nike Starter Reebok NBA jerseys for sale

Introducing The “Captains Jacket” An Exclusive Vintage Yankees Jacket by Rare VNTG

Rare VNTG New york yankees derek jeter captains jacket starter

Once in a blue moon baseball fans get to witness a talent like Derek Jeter. After his 20th Major League season, Jeter hung up his spikes for good, retiring as the Yankees all-time leader in games played, hits, doubles, stolen bases, times on base, at bats, and plate appearances. His accolades don’t stop there; The Captain also won 5 World Series Titles, 5 Gold Glove Awards and made the All Star Team 14 times during his illustrious career in pinstripes.

Rare VNTG has chosen to honor Jeter with a high quality custom creation, “The Captains Jacket”. The jackets are all original 90’s Starter Satin’s, and feature Jeter’s #2 sewn on the back. They also include an Authentic 2000 World Series patch on the sleeve. The 2000 Subway Series was the only time Derek Jeter won a World Series MVP in his career.

Rare VNTG New York Yankees Derek Jeter Captains Jacket Starter Satin


The Captains Jacket is exclusive to Rarevntg.com and will not be sold anywhere else in the world, they are extremely limited and won’t last long! Get one while you can #re2pect

New Orleans Pelicans Leak 2014-15 Red Alternate Uniforms

New Orleans Pelicans 2014-15 Red Alternate NBA Jersey

2014-15 marks the second season of play for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Anthony Davis and the rest of the former Hornets will be sporting a new look several games this season. The Pelicans were scheduled to unveil their alternate uniforms this afternoon, however the NBA store jumped the gun and posted their new red alternate jerseys for sale a few hours early.

New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis Red alternate jersey

You’ll notice these jerseys are very similar to the Pelicans home and road uniforms, the only changes being the color and “Pelicans” across the front. The NBA logo aka Jerry West has also been moved to the back of the jersey, a change every team will be making this season. Let us know what you think about the Pelicans new Alternate uniforms, tweet @rarevntg with your opinions!


#1Centtuesday; Penny Hardaway’s NBA Uniform History

Hardway's 1999-2000 Black alternate Phoenix suns jersey

Over the past year, the spike in social media’s popularity has given rise to daily trending hashtags. From #throwbackthursday to #mjmondays to #wutangwednesdays, every day gives you a new reason to celebrate your favorite sports or pop culture icon. One of our favorites at Rare VNTG is #1centtuesday; a day dedicated to legendary NBA Star Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

Many use the hashtag to showcase their favorite pair of foamposites or another pair of Penny’s sneakers; Rare VNTG likes to focus more on Hardaway’s jerseys. On this Tuesday, we take a look back at all the uniforms Penny Hardaway wore on the court during the regular season (excluding All Star Games!) starting in 1993 with his rookie year in Orlando.

Penny's Orlando Magic Alternate jersey from 1994-1998

Penny’s Orlando Magic Alternate jersey from 1994-1998

Penny's Magic Road uniform from 1993-1998

Penny’s Magic Road uniform from 1993-1998

Penny's White Orlando Magic home jersey from 1993-1998

Penny’s White Orlando Magic home jersey from 1993-1998

During his final year with Orlando, the Magic updated their uniforms to the silky blue “shining stars” edition. These jerseys are extremely rare and hard to find with Hardaway on the back!

Penny's final road blue uniform with Orlando in 1998-1999

Penny’s final road blue uniform with Orlando in 1998-1999

Penny's final white home uniform with the Magic in 1998-1999

Penny’s final white home uniform with the Magic in 1998-1999

After the 1999 NBA season, Penny Hardaway joined the Phoenix Suns in a sign and trade deal, linking up with fellow NBA All Star Jason Kidd. Penny wore the infamous “rising sun” Phoenix jersey for only one season before Phoenix updated to a more modern uniform.

Penny Hardway's 1999-2000 Phoenix Suns White Home jersey

Penny Hardway’s 1999-2000 Phoenix Suns White Home jersey

Hardway's 1999-2000 Black alternate Phoenix suns jersey

Hardway’s 1999-2000 Black alternate Phoenix suns jersey

Hardaway's 1999-2000 Suns purple road jersey

Hardaway’s 1999-2000 Suns purple road jersey

The Suns update their uniforms for the 2001 NBA Season.

Penny in the updated 2001 Phoenix Suns Purple Road jersey

Penny in the updated 2001 Phoenix Suns Purple Road jersey

Hardaway alongside Starbury & The Matrix in the 2001 Phoenix Suns White jersey

Hardaway alongside Starbury & The Matrix in the 2001 Phoenix Suns White jersey

Penny joined the New York Knicks in 2004 along with former Suns star, Stephon Marbury. The duo lead the Knicks to a playoff birth during their first season in the Big Apple, eventually losing in the first round to the Nets.

Penny sporting the New York Knicks Blue road jersey from 2004-2006

Penny sporting the New York Knicks Blue road jersey from 2004-2006

Hardway wearing the Knicks white home uniform in 2004

Hardway wearing the Knicks white home uniform in 2004

Before the 2006 NBA Trade Deadline, Penny was traded from the New York Knicks back to his first team, the Orlando Magic. The Magic would waive Hardaway 5 days later to save money on his expiring contract. The following summer, he signed with the Miami Heat for the veterans minimum salary.

Penny Hardaway in the 2007 Miami Heat white home uniform

Penny Hardaway in the 2007 Miami Heat white home uniform

Penny sporting the Miami Heat 2007 Black road jersey

Penny sporting the Miami Heat 2007 Black road jersey

Hardaway would wear jersey #7 for Miami, the only time in his career when he did not wear #1. After 16 games, the Heat waived Hardaway marking the end of his NBA Career.

Thanks to the AP and Getty Images for providing us with these quality pictures!


Never Forget; History of the NBA’s 9/11 Unity Patch

2001 9/11 NBA Unity jersey patch

After tragedy struck on September 11th 2001, everything in our country, including the world of sports were at a stand-still. Games were cancelled throughout collegiate and professional leagues; candlelight vigils were held in their place. As a way to pay homage to the victims and their families, the MLB added American Flags to the caps and jerseys of every team. NFL teams placed an American Flag sticker on the back of their helmets. The New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, and Washington Capitals of the NHL wore unique 9/11 tribute patches throughout the entire 2001-2002 season. Almost every collegiate and high school team in America stitched an American Flag patch somewhere on their uniform to show their respect.

Some examples of NBA team jerseys featuring the 9/11 Unity Patch

Some examples of NBA team jerseys featuring the 9/11 Unity Patch

When the NBA opened their season in October 2001, every team donned an American “Unity Patch” on the right side of their uniform. The patch was worn throughout the entire 2001-2002 NBA season. Even in the 2002 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers and New Jersey Nets continued to wear the Unity Patch on their respective uniforms and warm-ups. Besides league anniversaries, this was the only time in Professional Sports history where every team sported the same patch for an entire season.

Toronto Star Turns To Rare VNTG For Opinion on Andrew Wiggins Cav’s Jerseys

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.21.34 AM

The Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love trade is still pending. And fans of both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves are eager to receive official word from the NBA. Wiggins cannot be officially traded until August 23rd, due to the parameters on his rookie contract. Many Canadians have been eagerly awaiting their chance to purchase an Andrew Wiggins Cavaliers jersey. While the NBA store has stopped selling Andrew Wiggins Cav’s jerseys, the Cleveland Cavaliers webstore will continue selling the first overall draft pick’s jersey until he’s “officially traded”.

Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star reached out to Rare VNTG head Casey Pitocchelli to get his opinion on the collectable value on Andrew Wiggins Cavaliers jerseys now and in the future.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Wiggins Cleveland Cav’s jerseys? Tweet @rarevntg and let us know! A special thanks goes out to Morgan Campbell and the entire Toronto Star.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.21.34 AM

New In The Shop: Vintage Chicago Bulls Champion Jerseys

vintage chicago bulls authentic champion nba throwback jerseys

Just as the summer is heating up, Rare VNTG is too. Team RV just dropped a batch of vintage Chicago Bulls Champion NBA jerseys for your enjoyment. Everything from replica to authentic and Rodman to Jordan, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our current selection of vintage Chicago Bulls merchandise. 

NBA jersey banner

But that’s not all! Rare VNTG added much more inventory to the site today. Check out our latest products before they sell out! 

New York Islanders NHL Stadium Series Chrome Jerseys Leak

New york islanders stadium series chrome hockey jerseys uniforms

After weeks of anticipation and speculation, the first set of NHL Stadium Series uniforms has finally leaked! The jerseys the New York Islanders will wear outdoors at Yankee Stadium are the first to surface. If you’ll notice, the jersey features a new “NY” crest on the front decked out in chrome. We’re hoping the other teams participating in the NHL Stadium Series will wear Throwback jerseys instead of the chrome design. Let us know what you think and be sure to check back as more jerseys leak for the Stadium Series.

new york islanders 2013-2014 stadium series jerseys

Say It Ain’t So! More Sleeved NBA Basketball Jerseys Leak

2013-2014 NBA Noche Latina Latin Nights sleeved NBA basketball jerseys, heat, lakers, suns, bulls, spurs, knicks

The year of the sleeved jerseys isn’t coming to an end any time soon. In fact, the list of teams adopting sleeved jerseys just keeps getting longer. Today, thanks to Chris Creamer we have leaked images of 10 new sleeved jerseys. Like em or not, they’re not going away!

2013-2014 NBA Noche Latina Latin Nights sleeved NBA basketball jerseys, heat, lakers, suns, bulls, spurs, knicks

2013-2014 Latin Nights Sleeved NBA Jerseys

The first set of jerseys continue the Latin Nights tradition started by the NBA several years ago. The Bulls, Spurs, Knicks, Heat, Lakers, and Suns will all sport Latin jerseys again this season. The only changes, sleeves and some sort of pattern on the back.

Minnestoa Timberwolves & Brooklyn Nets "Dodgers Tribute" Alternate Jerseys

Minnestoa Timberwolves & Brooklyn Nets “Dodgers Tribute” Alternate Jerseys

The next set of sleeved jerseys appear to be new alternates for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Brooklyn Nets. The only addition to the T-Wolves jersey are the sleeves. I actually dig the inspiration behind the Nets alternate jersey. Blue and grey tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, very cool!

2014 Bulls & Celtics St. Patrick's Day sleeved jerseys

2014 Bulls & Celtics St. Patrick’s Day sleeved jerseys

Finally, the NBA has decided to add sleeves to the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls traditional St. Patrick’s day jerseys. Not bad, but I could do without the sleeves!

What do you think about more sleeved jerseys? As always, if you’re looking for traditional vintage NBA jerseys we have a great selection, click here to check them out! 


Just Added to the Store: Vintage Champion NBA Jerseys

vintage champion nba jersey lot

We’ve been busy gathering up some fresh vintage inventory for our loyal customers. Just in time for the NBA season we just added some more vintage starting lineup toys and NBA jerseys. More specifically, some smaller jerseys for our female and smaller sized customers. Check out the recently added products and of course everything else now for sale on rarevintagewear.com!

And for our fans of the Philadelphia 76ers, we’ve got you covered with plenty of jerseys in all sizes!

vintage philadelphia 76ers sixers basketball jersey collection history

Minnesota Wild Unveil New Road White Jersey

new minnesota wild road jersey

Yesterday, a day ahead of schedule the Minnesota Wild released photos of their new road white jersey. Although the changes to the jersey are not major, this is the first time the franchise has switched up their road sweaters. The jerseys are simple, clean and will look great on the ice during the 2013-14 NHL Season. Check out the jersey and let us know what you think!

minnesota wild new 2013-14 road white jersey new minnesota wild road jersey

Supreme Fall Winter 2013 Preview Coming Soon!

supreme quebec nordiques hockey jersey top teal

Fans of New York’s popular clothing retailer Supreme will be happy to know the preview for the Fall/Winter 2013 season will be coming very soon!

Supreme just dropped these two preview images to hype up the release of the lookbook which will most likely come sometime in late August. The images depict a teal hockey top inspired by the Quebec Nordiques of the NHL (now the Colorado Avalanche). The hype and demand for the jersey will be high as it looks like a great product. Stay with Rare Vintage Wear for more updates about Supreme Fall/Winter 2013.

supreme fall winter 2013 hockey jersey top supreme quebec nordiques hockey jersey top teal