JBF Customs “Bape Camo” Nike Air Force One, WOW!


Fans of the classic Japanese Streetwear brand A Bathing Ape have always been hungry for a collaboration with Nike, Sadly, since Bape pretty much jacked the swoosh for their Bapesta design, its almost certain the brands will never work together. Only in a dream world right?

JBF Customs just changed the game…

Check out these BEAUTIFUL custom Nike Air Force One sneakers decked out in Red Bape Camo! JBF used a Bape jacket for the fabric and went to work on these sneakers. These are possibly the best custom sneakers I have ever seen, what do you guys think?

jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid-2 jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid-3 jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid-4 jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid-5 jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid-6 jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid-7 jbf-customs-bape-af1-mid

Wale Buys every Pair of Jordan 3’s from Flight Club NYC!

Wale buys out flight clubs jordan 3s

As he prepares to drop his third studio album The Gifted, rapper Wale recently made a serious power move when he stopped by Flight Club New York. Wale bought out their entire stock of Nike Air Jordan Three’s, yeah thats right 88 overpriced pairs!

“Jordan Three’s for the whole team” proclaims Wale. Check out this video of the rapper going on a epic spending spree at Flight Club. It seems Wale has something up his sleeve with the possibility he will be releasing 88 pairs of custom Jordan Three’s in honor of his third album.

wale in tiffany dunks