Check Out THA RIVA’s New Music Video “Bread Winner”

Tha Riva Bread Winner Music Video

“Philadelphia Born and Raised” A classic line from Will Smith’s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Philly rapper Nile Overton aka THA RIVA keeps things flowing in his latest music video for his single “Bread Winner”. Nile, a multi-talented artist, co-direceted the Brennan Peirson produced video that features several pieces from Rare VNTG.

Currently a college student living in Pittsburgh, THA RIVA has been working hard crafting his skills and putting together some quality hip hop music. At only 21, were excited to hear what Nile’s cooking up for 2015! Check out the video below and share it with your friends!

Bread Winner by THA RIVA

Tha Riva Bread Winner Music Video

Vintage Jam: KMD ‘Sweet Premium Wine’

KMD group shot

You know what this is? Sweet Premium Wine. Well actually it’s todays vintage jam, but you get the point! Today’s track comes from KMD (Kausing Much Damage, A positive kause in a much damaged society). The group consisted of Zev Love X, DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid. Many will recognize Zev Love X, as he is now known as MF Doom today.

The track “Sweet Premium Wine” comes off the groups album Black Bastards. The album was originally set to release in 1993 but shortly before it’s release, Zev Love’s brother Subroc was killed. Consequently, KMD was dropped by Elektra Records. Zev Love X would reemerge in 1997 under the name MF Doom; a year later Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ‘Em Records fianally releasead Black Bastards for the first time.

Now you know the story, listen to this classic and let us know what you think. I strongly suggest you go out and buy the whole album because hip hop doesn’t get much better than this!

KMD black bastards album

Vintage Jam: A Tribe Called Quest ‘Youthful Expression’


Today’s vintage jam comes from the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest. “Youthful Expression” to be exact! The track comes off the groups debut ablum Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Truly a groovy classic, enjoy this ATCQ jam on Phife Dawg’s Birthday!


Vintage Jam: UMC’s ‘One To Grow On’

UMC's fruits of nature

Happy Monday Morning! We’ve got a Vintage Jam to help start your day off right. Have a listen to the classic hip hop track “One To Grow On” by the UMC’s. Although the duo of Haas G and Kool Kim were only active for a few years, their critically acclaimed 1991 album Fruits of Nature is considered a classic among hip-hop enthusiasts.

The group split up in 1994; many will recognize Haas G for the fact he produced Lil’ Kim’s hit single “Magic Stick” featuring 50 Cent. Have a listen to today’s vintage jam and enjoy!

UMC's fruits of nature

Vintage Jam: Nice & Smooth ‘Sometimes I Rhyme Slow’

nice and smooth sometimes I rhyme slow

We’re back once again with another installment of our vintage jam series. Today’s jam comes from the legendary duo Nice and Smooth. We can’t forget about their Dj Teddy Ted either! The track “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow” debuted in 1991 off the classic album Ain’t a Dam Thing Changed. You’ll recognize the sample from Tracy Champman’s hit single “Fast Car” in the background. Have a listen and enjoy this classic hip hop track from 1991.


nice and smooth sometimes I rhyme slow

Rare Vintage Jam: Kid Sensation & Ken Griffey Jr ‘The Way I Swing’

kid sensation-way-1

Historically in popular culture, Hip Hop and Sports have always gone hand and hand. Lyrics often include clever references to players and teams, while jerseys and sportswear have always been popular facets of hip hop fashion. At Rare Vintage Wear, we love hip hop and sports so what better way then to share a classic jam that includes the best of both worlds!

Kid Sensation’s ‘The Way I Swing’ is an ode to Seattle Mariners legendary outfielder Ken Griffey Jr and actually features him on the track. ‘The Way I Swing’ comes off the Seattle natives 1992 ablum The Power of Rhyme. Check out the track, and have a look at the great selection of vintage Ken Griffey Jr items in our store! 

vintage 1993 kenner hasbro ken griffey seattle mariners starting lineup toy action figure

Not only can Jr swing, he can catch too!