Hot Line Bling Vintage Toronto Maple Leafs Drake Jersey

Drake 1 800 Hot Line Bling vintage toronto Maple Leafs jersey

And I know when that…

You know the rest.

Drake’s single “Hot Line Bling” released this past summer and has been stuck in most of our heads ever since. The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, gaining more popularity after Drake released a music video for the tune in late October. It was only right to pay homage to the Canadian hip hop star with a custom vintage Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey inspired by the song.

Drake Hot Line Bling Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Vintage Toronto Maple Leafs Drake hot line bling jersey Hot Line Bling Drake toronto Maple Leafs Jersey

The original Maple Leafs jersey is from the early 90’s and features authentic tackle twill name and numbers sewn on the jersey, a true one-of-a-kind piece for Drake fans!

The jersey is a size XXL (we need to use a bigger jersey to fit all those numbers!) Click here to purchase this jersey 

Choo Jackson “Yesterday” Music Video

Choo Jackson sporting his custom vintage A Bathing Ape Shirt from Rare Vntg

Just a couple months after the release of his sophomore project “Broken Hearts Make Money” Most Dope’s Choo Jackson debuts the video for the lead track “Yesterday”. The video was directed by Bradley Atom & Brennan Peirson. Check out the video below and pick up BHMM if you haven’t done so yet!

Check Out THA RIVA’s New Music Video “Bread Winner”

Tha Riva Bread Winner Music Video

“Philadelphia Born and Raised” A classic line from Will Smith’s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Philly rapper Nile Overton aka THA RIVA keeps things flowing in his latest music video for his single “Bread Winner”. Nile, a multi-talented artist, co-direceted the Brennan Peirson produced video that features several pieces from Rare VNTG.

Currently a college student living in Pittsburgh, THA RIVA has been working hard crafting his skills and putting together some quality hip hop music. At only 21, were excited to hear what Nile’s cooking up for 2015! Check out the video below and share it with your friends!

Bread Winner by THA RIVA

Tha Riva Bread Winner Music Video

Rare VNTG Spotted On The Tonight Show With Public Enemy and The Roots

Frank Knuckles x Public enemy wearing Rare VNTG Snapback hat

Last night on The Tonight Show, legendary hip hop group Public Enemy shared the stage with The Roots. PE appeared in honor of Dem Jam’s 30th Anniversary.

The Roots backed Public Enemy while the hip hop titans performed their classic song “Public Enemy No. 1″. Chuck D and Flava Flav put on a great show earning daps from Jimmy Fallon. The Roots drummer Frank Knuckles donned his classic black and gold Rare VNTG x Starter snapback while on stage. Check out the video below!

As always, Rare VNTG greatly appreciates the opportunity to be on stage with some of hip hop’s elites, #salute!

Frank Knuckles x Public enemy wearing Rare VNTG Snapback hat

Rare Vintage Wear Featured In Choo Jackson’s “Marbles” Video

Choo Jackson Marbles produced by larry fisherman raiders starter jacket rare vintage wear

Rare Vintage Wear represents the crossroads between sports, hip hop, and fashion. It’s a beautiful thing when you can blend all three together. Check Choo Jackson’s latest music video for his track “Marbles”. The song was produced by Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller); Choo is a member of Mac’s Most Dope Record label. Make sure you look closely as Rare Vintage Wear makes a cameo in the video; check the vintage Los Angeles Raiders jacket supplied exclusively for the video.

Choo Jackson is a humble dude and I wish him nothing but the best! I highly suggest you check out the rest of his music. Also shout out to my friend Brennan Peirson from Elephant Elephant for filming and directing the video.

Rare Vintage Album of The Week: Little Brother “The Listening”

Little Brother The Listening Full album

Many will argue the “Golden Age” of hip hop faded out towards the mid to late 90’s. The North Carolina duo of Little Brother (MC Phonte & Rapper Big Pooh) successfully brought the sound of the 90’s to their 2003 debut album The Listening. 

With the help of legendary producer 9th Wonder, the duo essentially dropped the album out of nowhere in 2003. The album received little promotion but was passed around the hip hop community by word of mouth, becoming an instant classic. The album and group have since gained a cult like following among underground hip hop fans.

The 18 track album runs smooth, soulful and funky; it primarily features Pooh and Phonte’s raps. Luckily, this classic isn’t watered down by features. The Listening truly highlights Pooh and Phonte’s lyrical skill. If you’re not familiar with Little Brother, I highly suggest you take an hour out of your day and closely listen to this piece of hip hop art. After you fall in love, go out and pick it up on vinyl or cassette, please support the real hip hop artists out there!


Following the release of The Listening, Little Brother would go on to drop another classic, The Minstrel Show in 2005. Another 9th Wonder production. Support Little Brother and real hip hop! Check back next Tuesday for Rare Vintage Wear’s vintage Album of the week.

Little Brother The Listening Full album

Celebrate J Dilla’s 40th Birthday on Dilla Day 2014


Where do I start? Well by wishing Jay Dee Happy Birthday. On a day when the late producer would have turned 40, many reflect on the short life of James Dewitt Yancey. To many others, and me Dilla represents so much more than music; he represents a lifestyle and a movement towards the real. No watered down bullshit, Dilla represents AUTHENTICITY.

It’s hard to feel such a strong energetic connection with someone you have never met; however most of Dilla’s fans and I would agree a musical bond exists deep within our hearts. A Dilla track like “U-Luv” or “So Far to Go” brings out the best in us, they pick us up when were feeling down. Other cuts like “Make’Em NV” gives off a natural high like no other. Dilla’s hardest tracks make any “gangster rapper” sound obsolete. The plethora of beats and rhymes in Dilla’s musical library are like a Hip Hop Hall of Fame by themselves.

After hearing Dilla’s music for the first time over ten years ago, I’m one of the many people who can honestly say, J Dilla changed my life! From the first Donut of the night till the last, I’ll always stay rocking with Dilla. One Dilla track won’t do it, two is not enough for me no, no!

On this February 7th, I highly suggest you go out and do something for Dilla. Weather its giving to the Dilla Foundation, helping spread his music, or even buying one of his records, DO IT!!

Here are a few of my favorite Dilla tracks, feel free to let me know yours too! Tweet them to @rarevintagewear


Phife Dawg Drops New Single “Dear Dilla” Just In Time For Dilla Day

phife dawg dear dilla

For fans of hip hop music J Dilla represents much more than a great hip hop artist and producer, he represents a positive movement which all generations can appreciate. The late emcee/producer/DJ passed away in 2006 after a battle with Lupus. Since then, his mother and family founded the J Dilla Foundation in his name. In addition to the foundation, they encourage everyone to celebrate Dilla Day once a year in early Feburary.

Just in time for Dilla Day 2014, Phife Dawg from the Legendary group A Tribe Called Quest launched his new single “Dear Dilla” dedicated to the late hip hop legend. A touching track dedicated to one of the greatest musicians of our generation. Have a listen and don’t forget to celebrate Dilla Day 2014 on Feburary 7th!

phife dawg dear dilla

Vintage Jam: KMD ‘Sweet Premium Wine’

KMD group shot

You know what this is? Sweet Premium Wine. Well actually it’s todays vintage jam, but you get the point! Today’s track comes from KMD (Kausing Much Damage, A positive kause in a much damaged society). The group consisted of Zev Love X, DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid. Many will recognize Zev Love X, as he is now known as MF Doom today.

The track “Sweet Premium Wine” comes off the groups album Black Bastards. The album was originally set to release in 1993 but shortly before it’s release, Zev Love’s brother Subroc was killed. Consequently, KMD was dropped by Elektra Records. Zev Love X would reemerge in 1997 under the name MF Doom; a year later Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ‘Em Records fianally releasead Black Bastards for the first time.

Now you know the story, listen to this classic and let us know what you think. I strongly suggest you go out and buy the whole album because hip hop doesn’t get much better than this!

KMD black bastards album

Vintage Jam: Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics ‘Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop’

diamond d stunts blunts and hip hop

Today’s vintage jam comes from Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics “Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop”. The track comes off their 1992 classic album which also shares the same title. This song boils down the basics and represents the fundementals of classic hip hop music. Listen closely, this song is timeless. Enjoy!

diamond d stunts blunts and hip hop

Ma Dukes Gives Dilla Fans the Ultimate Christmas Gift; Dillatroit!

J Dilla Dillatroit Album

With Christmas less than a week away, Ma Dukes has blessed J Dilla fans with the ultimate Christmas gift, Dillatroit! That’s right, Dilla’s mother leaked and released the entire album for free this week. This is truly one of the best gifts anyone could ask for.

Dillatroit contains 12 full length tracks crafted by the legendary producer. We really want to thank Ma Dukes and the J Dilla Foundation for this one! Check out the album below. Turn it up, bump it in your truck; Dillatroit!

J Dilla Dillatroit Album


Rare Vintage Legendary project

PHILADELPHIA AREA, we are proud to officially announce: Black Friday the 13th Pop Up Shop Philly! Rare Vintage Wear, Creative Players and Philly Hats have come together under The Legendary Project to put on an exclusive holiday shopping event! The one-of-a-kind pop up shop will feature exclusive items, live performances, giveaways and so much more.

We invite everyone to come out and support a collective of young entrepreneurs and artists who have teamed up in support of each other. Many exclusive items will be for sale including custom headwear, vintage jerseys, vintage clothing, streetwear clothing, sneakers, and vintage collectibles. If you’re looking for a unique and original gift this holiday season, Black Friday the 13th is the sale for you!

Along with several other vendors, we will be hosting a hip hop cypher featuring emcee’s from the Philadelphia area. The cypher will showcase many talented artists and will be judged by a special surprise guest!

To add to the excitement, we will also be having free giveaways and raffles each hour. In addition, any customer who makes a purchase from the three host vendors will be entered in a raffle to win A FREE CUSTOM WEBSITE courtesy of EVLIO Web Design.

Black Friday the 13th Pop Up Shop takes place at the American Dreaming Magazine Building located at 618 N Front Street, Philadelphia PA. It opens Friday December 13th at 5 PM and closes Midnight.

We would love to see you all there!

Rare Vintage Legendary project


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Vintage Jam: Gang Starr ‘No Shame In My Game’

Gang Starr Daily Operation 2 deep

Today’s Vintage jam comes from the duo of Guru and DJ Premier, aka Gang Starr. Off their 1992 Classic Daily Operation, we selected ‘No Shame In My Game’ as todays jam. Gang Starr will go down in Hip Hop as one of the most versatile groups in history. Listen and enjoy this classic!

Gang Starr Daily Operation 2 deep

Vintage Jam: A Tribe Called Quest ‘Youthful Expression’


Today’s vintage jam comes from the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest. “Youthful Expression” to be exact! The track comes off the groups debut ablum Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Truly a groovy classic, enjoy this ATCQ jam on Phife Dawg’s Birthday!