At Rare Vntg we strive for AUTHENTICITY! Our top priority is to provide customers with AUTHENTIC name brand vintage sportswear.

My father and I have over 75 years of combined knowledge in the field of sports jerseys & sportswear, you will always receive an AUTHENTIC product!

During the early 2000’s, the influx of popularity in the throwback jersey market skyrocketed, giving rise to a large number of counterfeit jerseys. Our “Golden Eye” for spotting fakes allows us to only stock authentic merchandise for our customers. There are ALOT of counterfeit jerseys out there, please BEWARE when purchasing from other non reputable stores and websites.

Some key things to remember when purchasing jerseys:

  • Replica jerseys are not fakes! Replica jerseys are still made by licensed retailers, they are just replica models of the jerseys worn by players on the court/field/ice. In most cases they have screen printed names/numbers except in the case of hockey and baseball jerseys, most times they still feature stitched name/numbers.
  • Authentic jerseys are made to the exact specifications players wear, just sold at the retail level. The numbers/name are usually stitched on except in the case of some earlier football and basketball jerseys.
  • Pro Cut jerseys are Authentic jerseys intended to be worn by players. Many times, they are not actually worn in games. Teams have left over Pro Cut jerseys or blanks that eventually make it onto the second hand market.
  • Game worn jerseys are jerseys actually worn by players in games and usually have marks, rips or tears from game action.

If you ever have any questions pertaining to a jersey, feel free to email us at!

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