Bet You Didn’t Know Roberto Clemente Had His Own Sneaker In 1972!

roberto clemente vintage 1972 sneakesr

Sneakers and sneaker culture has certainly reached the height of its popularity in 2013. Athletes, rappers, and pop-culture figures all have received a variety of their own signature sneakers. Its very common for basketball players to have their own signature sneaker, however its usually a different story for other athletes (yes there are several exceptions like Bo Jackson & Derek Jeter). But what about a guy Roberto Clemente? Well Rare Vintage Wear dug up a few old images of a vintage sneaker endorsed by the legendary Pittsburgh Pirates right-fielder.

In the early 70’s, Roberto Clemente actually endorsed Super Pro Sneakers; a brand exclusively sold in his native Puerto Rico. Clemente was way ahead of his time! Check out the sneakers and let us know what you think.


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